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Discover the ultimate learning experience for kids ages 6-14, designed to unleash their full potential in creative arts and personal growth while strengthening the bond between child and parent.

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Become your kids biggest supporter while saving thousands of dollars per year on classes, clubs and toys.

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Hours Annually

Stop driving your kids and yourself crazy rushing from school to after school activities. Teach them here and bring their friends over!

Deepen Your Connection With Them

Deepen your connection with your children through growth oriented activities instead of just watching them from afar.

Raising Confident Kids

The Role of Performance Arts in Personal Development

Performance arts such as theater, dance, and music can play a significant role in the personal development of children. Through these activities, kids can build their confidence, communication skills, and emotional awareness. By providing a platform for self-expression, performance arts can help children overcome shyness and stage fright, and develop a sense of self-worth and identity.

Unlock Your Child's Creativity

And Imagination with Our Online Learning Platform

Our creative arts platform for kids provides a fun and safe space where children can explore their imagination, develop their artistic skills, and express themselves through various forms of art. With the guidance of our experienced instructors, kids can discover their unique talents and gain confidence in their abilities while having fun in the process.

Building Healthy Habits for Life

Fitness and Nutrition for Kids

Encouraging children to establish healthy habits early on can set the foundation for a lifetime of wellness. Our program for fitness and nutrition for kids ages 6 to 14 offers fun and interactive ways to learn about healthy eating and physical activity, helping kids develop habits that will benefit them for years to come.

From Lemonade Stands to Wall Street

Teaching Kids about Money and Business

By teaching kids about money and business, we aim to empower them to take control of their financial futures and make informed decisions throughout their lives. Whether they aspire to be entrepreneurs, investors, or simply want to be financially responsible, our courses can help kids achieve their goals.

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My children along with my wife and myself have been creating some amazing crafts together and we even began composing some songs! I am absolutely loving the platform and for what is to come!
Kidduz Is AWESOME!
I am honestly impressed by the first version of Kidduz. Although I must say I love how my kid has already been able to learn and practice how to control his anger through the courses. It is a game changer for sure.
Helped With Anger Issues
I appreciate the effort that has been put into this amazing project. My kid has been able to learn how to draw better and we even began to make a song together! This is the perfect replacement for video games. Honestly
Replaced Video Games!

Monthly LIVE Events!

Our live online events provide a unique opportunity for children aged 6 to 14 who want to learn creative arts, performance arts, health, finance or business from experienced professionals. Our instructors are passionate about sharing their skills and knowledge with the next generation, and our online events provide a fun and interactive way for kids to engage with those that share the same passion worldwide. These live sessions allow children to connect with instructors and fellow learners in a supportive, safe and engaging environment, and are a great way to inspire and encourage creativity and self-expression.

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